Best gym and fitness


Start off slow and controlled by focusing on strength, power and skills with full body movements using dumbells, barbells and kettlebells. Finish off by going hard and fast spiking the heart rate.


A conditioning class that will challenge all. A strategic blend of various timings per exercise will crank up that heart rate and the intensity keeps going for 3 rounds. A combination of resistance training, bodyweight exercises to put your overall fitness to the test.


Full-Body Conditioning

Suitable to all levels, learn the basics of real boxing technique, endurance and co-ordination. Smash the bags, work as a team work and expect full body conditioning. If you’re fit or unfit, if you want to fight or just have fun, gain confidence and learn self-defence then come punch your problems away!

Best Gym and Fitness


Cardio Conditioning
This semi-outdoor cycling class is high intensity and low impact. Cardio focused, the class is a perfect mix of speed and climbing intervals that match the beat of the music and time based drills that get you sweaty!


An equal part strength and conditioning program. Lift heavy, aim for progession, focus on form and technique. A combination of compound movements using major muscle groups with isolation exercises to help promote muscle gain and overall strength.


Express workout session

A full body workout in a short amount of time, perfect for the time conscious and those looking to transform their bodies.


Balance, Focus & Full-Body Fitness

For anyone who’s looking for a fast and effective total body workout. Work on your core and muscular endurance through a series of exercises combining the TRX suspension trainers and bodyweight for resistance. The class is for all fitness levels and you are in control of how much you want to challenge yourself!

Best gym and fitness


The Ultimate Full-Body Workout

Get back to basics with this class, which focuses on military-style exercises and functional movements like push-ups, squats & sprints. This high-intensity workout is proven to lean and tone your body building strength and aerobic capacity all at the same time.